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7 Things you literally must take on a tropical surf trip


FYI. By ‘literally must’ we actually mean kind of nice, useful additions to a surf trip. As appose to life or death necessities.

Also, before you read any further this is not a dull as day shortlist of how many pairs of jocks you need to take on your next holiday. There are easily enough mind numbing blatantly obvious what-to-pack lists out there in case you can’t suss that out yourself. This however; think of it more as an inside look at a few of the surf trip ‘tips and tricks’ a couple of well seasoned blokes have picked up through their collective years of travel.

Here are your seven surf trip supplements to satisfy those super surreal, scary surf mission situations.

Waterproof roll up bag.

This is literally our fave surf trip item ever, you know the ‘roll up the top’ rubber like waterproof bags… Perfect for cameras, money, phone, whatever!! Doubles up as a place to keep smelly surf gear… I even filled it with water and soap once, shook around and washed my jocks. (clearly I didn’t read a blog on how many jocks to take)


Ice cube and Eazy-E once did a month in the Ments with ‘No Vaseline’ and the chafe sucked so hard they wrote a song about it. Whether its chafe, sun-burnt lips or lady boys you are struggling with, don’t go lean with no Vaseline.

Zip ties & electrical tape

If you can’t fix it with a zip tie and some tape it aint worth fixing… Also very handy for hostage like situation’s, stitching up your drunk mate in his sleep and zip ties double up as a leg rope string.

Long sleeved rashie, heaps of Zinc and some Ozzie Sunscreen…

Yep the rashy will make you look 90’s A.F. and if you pair it with a shell necklace you might even win 12 world titles. Unless you are already tanned like a leather boot these rashies keep you cool and in the lineup all day. Take Sunscreen and Zinc on any surf trip, unless of course you like paying 35$ for 30ml of the split cottage cheese. Overseas sunscreen aint all that.

Coded Key Lock

Epic, Epic addition to any surf trip. For your car, motorbike, room door, bag and the list goes on. Once in Chile a bunch of Santiago trucks got broken into way down south due to stashed keys, mine was coded and hanging from the manifold…. You’ve been warned.


Hipster AF but when you turn around with your Kopi Susu and I’m 30 seconds into a perfect Sumatran morning plunge you’ll quickly come begging for a cup of my Joe! On a recent trip through Africa a mate and I were consistently fuelled by high quality coffee… We were there for 4 weeks and I swear we had 3 month’s worth of conversations while on the road. Sleep when you’re dead.

Water bottle and re-useable shopping bag

Responsible travel is something we are passionate about. This is as simple as it comes. Save plastic, save money….. Even better, another traveller will see you going the extra mile while on a trip and rethink there their plastic bag of beng bengs.

Mucho apologies if you started reading this article expecting all the answers to life. However if you picked up a single tip for your next surf trip then our time is not wasted.