Proudly Australian owned and operated

Social good

Wave of the Day encourages responsible travel.
As salt-infused globe trotters, it’s incredibly important to
understand the potential impact we can have on the
countries that we often visit.

We understand that through surf travel we touch the fragile economies of some of these countries. That’s why it’s so important for us to use our ‘Social Good’ fund as a tool to ensure that we as travelers reduce our negative impact and work toward Surf travel becoming a courier for positive change.

If you want to help, collaborate, or make a suggestion, we are a growing company open to ideas for ways to make the world a better place.

We also love to get involved in any local surf programs, fundraisers, so if you want to reach out  please do get in touch.


Current Projects


Waves For Water

Wave of the day proudly supports Waves For Water through donations upon booking and is currently working towards a new program later this year. Want to donate, check out the current project, Surf for School.


Suku Mentawai – Education foundation

Wave of the day proudly partners with the Suku Mentawai education foundation, supporting the Indigenous Mentawai community’s desire to re-establish connection with their Mentawai cultural and environmental education.

For more information and insight visit Suku Mentawai or jump online to watch/purchase ‘As Worlds Divide’. A documentary that will take you on a journey inside the lives of Indigenous Mentawai people who are losing connection with their land and culture.