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Surf Trip Stoke Reel – Make 2019 your year


We have new destinations, better deals, more waves and big plans for 2019. How about you, got a surf trip planned?


Booking a surf trip is on most surfers wish list this time of year. We all set out to have fun, get barrelled more and generally live the best life we can, right? Well we certainly do and our office is psyched with surf trip talk right about now!

Is a surf trip one of your resolutions? If so check out our latest deals, we have killer prices to heaps of destinations and if you don’t find what you’re after then hit up our time and we’ll find it for you!

We specialise in easy to use instant online booking, supported by leading customer support when you need it.

It’s that simple, choose your trip, then hit BOOK NOW! Chuck your details down and once your booking is made, one of team will be in touch to ensure you have all the info you need, to assist with transfers or generally get you fired up for the surf trip of your life!



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Peace out people, hope you’re getting waves somewhere…


To check out the waves in the above clip – see these listings below.


Navistar Surf Charters – Mentawai, Sumatra

Macaronis Resort –  Mentawai, Sumatra

Simeulue Surf Lodges – Simeulue Island, North Sumatra

The Seriti – Surf Banyak – Banyak Islands North Sumatra

Baha Baha Villas – Sumbawa