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The misadventures of a surf trip with Tyler Allen

So what’s it like being on a surf trip with Tyler Allen?

Long story short, I was heading over to Playground Surf Resort, we knew Tyler Allen was in town, and we thought fuck it, let’s take Tyler, make a funny video… what’s the worst that could happen… How hard can it be shooting a comedic clip and traveling with a surfer/voice-over dude..?

So, I’m in my seat on my first flight to Singapore, literally rolling down the runway, and my phone lights up with a message from Tyler

‘Yo Bruddha, send me flights again will ya…’

WTF? I’ve already sent him everything… Here we go.

I shoot him a text as the plane is taking off, no idea whether he receives it or not, and just like that, I’m en-route, potentially solo.

I get off the plane, tap into the Wi-Fi while waiting for my boards in Singapore. No message from Tyler… F&*k.

I jump on Insta (as if I’m looking for the answer) and just like that, Tyler posts a story sipping a bintang, delayed with a couple of Indo blokes in Jakarta! Were on.

I’m in the hotel in Padang, Tyler kicks the door in, rolling in loud and proud. He walks straight to the phone and orders Nasi goreng and 6 beers in a questionable Indo accent.

We sink a couple of beers and brainstorm a few clip ideas. Truth be told, I thought shooting a funny film with Tyler would be easy—I thought the rest of the trip could be the hard part, hanging with a crazy seppo who breaks into another character every 5 mins has the potential to be patience-testing.

He’s actually super easy to hang with, loves to surf, is tough to beat at ping pong, and, yeah, sure, maybe he likes a beer or two.

Shooting a promo, now that’s fucking hard. I can’t get shit out of him, he’s frothing way too hard on the Binnys and ping pong. Day 4, and we have nothing. Maybe we do a Gabby Medina cover of Gin and Juice… (What else would sell a surf trip, right?)

We start shooting. At one point we have some Indo groms and a couple of chicks dancing on the roof of the boat. It’s funny, but it’s kinda weird and creepy. Tyler’s not feeling it and neither am I. He loves what he does and the fact the idea isn’t perfect just doesn’t do it for him. Back to the drawing board.

So its day 7, we basically have nothing on film and nothing to promote surf travel. I’m kinda peaking, and I think Tyler’s a little flat too.

I am however getting to know how Tyler works now and it’s not this ultra-planned web of jokes. He is naturally hilarious and if it’s not funny as hell he just doesn’t want to do it..

He got a shout out from Yago Dora on the Occ-Cast, I looked over at him said… What about an Occ-Cast? We had an idea. Once Tyler has a vision it takes him all of around 4 minutes to suss out the joke, he’s a natural.

Chrisso, brudddha, lets shoot it. Hit record.

He’s a hard guy to understand but what I do know from hanging with him in the Ments is this; Tyler Allen loves to make people laugh, he’s doing his dream job and he’s got a million jokes up his sleeve. Hopefully you’ll get to see one of his rap videos soon, Ha! Kids got lyrics.