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This is where we tell stories about recent swells, surf trips,
and any other exciting news from the surfing world.
We also offer guides on various surf travel destinations,
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Waves For Water – Do what you love and help along the way

Recently a bunch of you signed up for the chance to win a 12 Night Surf Charter, on board the Navistar. Well there was more to this than just giving away a surf trip… READ MORE

Waves For Water

Posted by Chris W. 27/2/19


Surf Trip Stoke Reel – Make 2019 your year

We have new destinations, better deals, more waves and big plans for 2019.

How about you, got a surf trip planned?… READ MORE

Posted by Chris W. 4/02/19


7 surf trips you simply have to stick on your bucket list.

Dreaming about surf trips is important, like, really important. Or at least we like to think so. Having a bunch of places you dream of surfing is key to creating excitement and something to work towards… READ MORE

Posted by Chris W. 28/11/18


Back to back huge swells in the Mentawai’s, Indonesia

So unless you’ve had your head under a rock, you would have heard about Huey throwing down some huge swell this past couple of months. Jump in for some epic footage and shots from the swell… READ MORE

Posted by Chris W. 29/7/18


The misadventures of a surf trip with Tyler Allen

Long story short, I was heading over to Playground Surf Resort, we knew Tyler was in town, and we thought fuck it, let’s take Tyler, make a funny video… what’s the worst that could happen… READ MORE

Posted by Chris W. 1/6/18


7 Things you literally must take on a tropical surf trip

By ‘literally must’ we actually mean kind of nice, useful additions. As appose to life or death necessities. Also, before you read any further this is not a dull as day shortlist of how many pairs of jocks you need to take on holiday… READ MORE

surf travel stories 7 things

Posted by Chris W. 23/5/18


Surf the Mentawai’s and help a little along the way

Wave of the Day encourages responsible travel. As salt-infused globetrotters, it is incredibly important to understand the potential impact we can have on the countries that we often visit… READ MORE

Posted by Chris W. 5/5/18


Wave of the Day? Who, what, where, and why?

Wave of the Day was created by a couple of blokes in the Far North Coast of NSW, named Chrisso and Davo, who both have an undying passion for all forms of surf travel… READ MORE

Posted by Chris W. 2/3/18